Novice Information

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1. A novice is defined as any competitor who has competed in less than 3 events in any one previous season, and a grand total of no more than 5 events in any number of seasons. Once a competitor loses novice status, it can not be “reset”.

2. All novices are eligible for trophies (in the novice class) at each points paying event. They do not receive trophies for their proper SCCA Solo designated class.

3. Only NWOR-SCCA members are eligible for season-end trophies. See “NWOR-SCCA REGIONAL SOLO CHAMPIONSHIP” in the Solo Guidelines for additional information.

4. Novices will compete against one-another while remaining in their proper SCCA Solo designated classes. i. For example, a novice driving in D Stock would drive with that class, but the points would be counted in novice class.

5. The finishing position of novices will be determined by using the current National PAX Index and multiplying the novice’s best time by the PAX factor. The lower the corrected time, the higher the finishing position.

6. Novices will be included in the vehicle count for their proper SCCA Solo designated class, and may also take trophy positions and regional points from regular class competitors, but are only eligible for novice trophies.