The Sports Car Club of America, and especially the NorthWestern Ohio Region would like very much for you to join us!
We are always looking for new members, and as such we offer the following incentives:

Come out to a NWOR Solo event, and if you join the SCCA that day (see Annual Dues Rates below), you get to run that event for free.
That's $45 in your pocket! Plus, any event that you run after that will only be $25. (We ask that you please pre-register. Remember that you DO NOT have to pre-pay.)

If you are already a member, and you sign up a new member at a NWOR event, not only does the new member get to run for free, he gets an additional $15 discount when he joins. As a referring member, you get credit towards your annual dues.

Annual Dues Rates
Individual $70 SCCA dues plus $15 NWOR Region dues
Family (primary member, spouse, children under age 21) $90 SCCA dues plus $15 Region dues
First Gear (under age 25) $ 50 (includes both SCCA and Region dues)

Military Membership $50 (If you are full time active duty)

You get additional savings if you sign up or renew for multiple years.

You say you're ready to join us? You can come out to an event and sign up there, (the best way to take advantage of all the incentives offered), or you can click the following link to the SCCA Membership webpage:


Download this file (2017 SCCA Membership App.pdf)2017 SCCA MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION[ ][ ]292 kB
Monday,December 11th  2017


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