Time for elections in the NWOR SCCA

    I am looking for nominations for Officers and Director-at-Large positions on the Solo Board.  Many of the people have held these positions for several years and would welcome the opportunity to do something different or take a break.  SO, IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU THINK WOULD BE GOOD AT ANY OF THE POSITIONS, PLEASE REPLY TO ME WITH THE NOMINATION.  Nominations will also be accepted at the September and October meetings.  Elections, if needed, will be held in December.


    In order for a member to be nominated for an Office or a Director-at-Large, he/she must have been a member of the region for the preceding fiscal year.

    An Officer or Director-at-Large must maintain a current membership during his/her entire tenure as an Officer or Director-at-Large or shall relinquish his/her rights and privileges as an Officer or Director-at-Large.

    In addition, a candidate for Director-at-Large must also have served as an SCCA or NWOR Officer or an SCCA or NWOR board member or an SCCA or NWOR committee member or be approved as a candidate by the Board of Directors.

    Duties of elected officials:

    Regional Executive and Assistant Regional Executive:  The Regional Executive shall preside at all meetings of the members and directors and shall perform the duties usually appertaining to the office.  He/She may call special meetings of the members under the provisions of Article III, Section 3.  He/She shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation.  In the absence of the Regional Executive or in the case of his/her death, resignation of inability or act, the Board of Directors shall designate some person to fill the unexpired term.  The Assistant Regional Executive shall act as Chairperson of the Membership Committee.  The Regional Executive will be the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

    Secretaries:  Secretaries shall attend all meetings of the members and Directors.  Recording Secretary shall record all minutes and votes in a book kept for that purpose.  He/She shall have custody of the Corporate Seal and the Corporation’s records.  He/She shall perform all other duties incident to this office.  In the absence of the Recording Secretary, the Corresponding Secretary shall act.  Corresponding Secretary shall keep an up-to-date roll of all members and Directors.  He/She shall give notices of meetings of the members required by law of the By-Laws and shall issue all official Corporation correspondence when required by the Board of Directors.  If there is a vacancy in either office, the Board of Directors shall designate some person to fill the unexpired term.

    Treasurer: The Treasurer shall, be subject to such conditions and restrictions as be made by the Board of Directors, have custody of all monies, debts, and obligations belonging to the Corporation and deposit same in the Corporation account.  He/She shall make all payment of Corporation debts, checks, drafts, notes, or other orders for payment of money.  They shall give bond, at Corporation expense, if required by the Board of Directors.  The Treasurer shall give a report on the financial status of the Corporation at the Annual Meeting, and if so requested, at any other meeting.  No obligation, debt, or other liability shall be incurred by the Treasurer without the specific prior approval of the Regional Executive or Board of Directors.  If there is vacancy in the office, the Board of Directors shall designate some person to fill the unexpired term.

    Directors-at-Large:  The principle purpose of the Directors-at-Large is to give continuity and direction to Regional affairs.  The Directors-at-Large will concern themselves with the long-term objectives of the Region.  The continuing Director-at-Large will serve as the chairperson of the nominating committee for the annual election.

    Current Officers:
    Bryan Rawlins – Regional Executive
    Kevin Lewis – Assistant Regional Executive
    Charina Hansen – Recording Secretary
    Elaine Chrismas – Treasurer
    Erik Helin – Corresponding Secretary
    Robert Chrismas – Director at Large
    Lee Franz – Director at Large

    Phil Schmidt – Historian
    Peg Hull – Public Affairs
    Carmen Rowlands – Social Director

    Solo Board:
    Dax Bushmeyer – Solo Chair
    Bryan Rawlins – Solo Chair
    Mark Sommer – Safety Steward
    Phil Schmidt – Safety Steward
    John Souder - Tech Chief
    Steve Weatherwax - Registration Chief
    Carmen Rowlands – Registration Chief
    Ben Machoukas – Worker Chief
    John Bradbury – Worker Chief
    Andrew Blaseman – Waiver Chief
    Lisa Stankavich – Waiver Chief
    Robert Chrismas – Timing and Scoring Chief
    Larry Kurtz – Points Keeper
    Steve Dormann – Grid Chief

    We are also looking for someone to take the responsibility of Set-Up Chief and/or Teardown Chief with the main responsibility of getting the Solo truck to the events and make sure it gets back to storage.

    Lee Franz
    Director-at-Large NWOR SCCA

Monday,December 11th  2017


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